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We believe that every child has their own set of strengths, whether it be endurance, flexibility, coordination, speed or grit. Identifying their talents at a young age can provide a child with the motivation, confidence and direction to pursue a lifetime of healthy activity.

In a fun, entertaining and low-pressure half-day event, we work through nine physical tests. After analysation, we provide kids with a newfound confidence in their abilities and goals to work on. We also recommend a variety of sports that match their natural skill set and identify elite talent that would benefit from high-performance development.

We host our awesome events in towns throughout New Zealand, so choose one near you and click on the link to register or find out more.

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Finding the right
sports for all children

Do you want to find their talent?

Motivate them to be active?

Spark a life-long love for sports?

Testing a child's physical skills via 9 simple, low pressure and entertaining tests, we are able to:
•provide comparative skill analysis against peers (same age and gender)
•find the wide variety of sports that match his or her natural talent
•Make 8 recommendations of sports to try, but you can select 2 specific sports for a detailed analysis.

More than 400,000 kids from over 12 counties have benefited from our program – and counting.

Life-long love for movement

Joy of newly discovered talent

Motivation to be active

Selection of most suitable sports

Enthusiasm from team activity


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